Moscow First Principle

MoSCoW  is an agile prioritisation technique and the first you should use to reach a common understanding with stakeholders as to the importance they place on the delivery of each requirement or project:


Must ... Should ... Could ... Won't do? 


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Welcome to Moscow First, discover HOW to be agile and WHY it works

Agility means different things to each of us.  The dictionary definition is “able to move quickly and easily; able to think and understand quickly”.  There is a growing trend for organisations to move away from traditional change-resistant Waterfall methods to more flexible Agile techniques, but WHY do they work?

The agile process is the universal remedy for software development project failure. Software applications developed through the agile process have three times the success rate of the traditional waterfall method and a much lower percentage of time and cost overruns - The Standish Group, based on project research since 2002

During the next three to five years, program and portfolio management leaders will focus heavily on improving speed, accuracy, agility and decision making, which will stretch resources and exert pressure to develop true agile project managers - Gartner 2012 predictions

Business leaders are losing patience with old-school IT culture, relationships can be tense and resentful, legacy systems and practices impede agility.

Moscow First provides agile training and coaching; interim project, programme and technology management. Specialising in the adoption of SCRUM and other practical agile techniques to enable project/department turnarounds, new project delivery, solution architecture and software development. 

Moscow First can help you learn how agile techniques such as SCRUM work, but more importantly WHY they work and how you can take agility back into your organisation.