Moscow First Principle

MoSCoW  is an agile prioritisation technique and the first you should use to reach a common understanding with stakeholders as to the importance they place on the delivery of each requirement or project:


Must ... Should ... Could ... Won't do? 


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Moscow First Agile Training and Coaching

Moscow First provides training in agility, focusing on how to introduce and gain the most from techniques such as SCRUM.

Many organisations have adopted 'agility', but are still scratching the surface and seeing only marginal increases in productivity over traditional waterfall approaches.  It is far too easy to simply swap one methodology for another whilst missing out the key behavioural change required across an organisation to deliver results.  Practical best-practice training and coaching is a genuinely 'agile' way to introduce or continuously improve your agile implementation in order to gain maximum benefit.

We provide regular free 'introductory' agile seminars;  intermediate and advanced 'open' attendance training and coaching courses as well as tailored company specific engagements.

If you are looking to train or coach your organisation to truly adopt organisational agility and behaviour  then please contact us by email or by calling 08456 802 862